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Tracy Crist

Director & Mrs. Iowa America 1995

Tracy Crist


I first became involved in the competition as a contestant in 1992. I was recovering from Breast Cancer and happened to see Mrs. Iowa on Television. Although I had competed in pageants in college, this time it was different. This was personal, could I get back on stage in a swimsuit after having a mastectomy?

I had 3 weeks to prepare and told my husband on Tuesday that we were headed to the Mrs. Iowa pageant on Thursday. I managed to place first runner-up and had the time of my life. Mrs. America 1991 Kristianna Nichols attended as a guest and to this day we are great friends. I re-entered in 1993 and didn’t even place! I was devastated but even more determined. Back for year number three and I was again selected as first runner-up. I was beginning to feel like “first runner-up was tattooed on my forehead” but I vowed to give it another shot in 1995 and won! A dream come to fruition after many years of self-improvement and growth.

The day I was to crown my successor, my director asked me to become her partner for the Mrs. Iowa pageant. I jumped at the opportunity to stay involved with a system that had helped me grow so much as a person. In 2000, we were asked to direct the state of Kansas. We were thrilled to offer the women of Kansas this fabulous experience. November of 2002 was a month of many changes. Michele, my partner for the last eight years, was offered a fantastic job in Washington DC and unfortunately she would be retiring from the pageant world in June, 2003. This same month the Marmel’s, owners of Mrs. America called and offered me Mrs. Texas. They called again in 2007 to offer me Mrs. Oklahoma and the rest is history.

As for me personally, in 2004 I was honored to receive the national “Seymour Seitz Award” as “Director of the Year” and am now celebrating my 18th year as a state director with the Mrs. America program.

Most of all, this is a program that celebrates America’s married women. Call today to receive your free entry information and join the fun of competition and self-discovery.

Allison Greco

Co - Director

After competing unsuccessfully in pageants as a teenager, I decided to compete in Mrs. Oklahoma 2008 at my husband’s suggestion. He watched me emcee a pageant and asked, “why don’t you compete in pageants anymore?” My response was that pageants didn’t exist for married women!

After quick research, I found the Mrs. Oklahoma America pageant and applied immediately. I went in with an open mind, but never expected to win my first year. Imagine my shock when they called my name as the winner!

In my short time as Mrs. Oklahoma, I gained confidence and poise, while also gaining tremendous self-awareness and a new passion for promoting cancer awareness. The pageant gave me an avenue to share about the loss of my mother to colon cancer and the impact it has had on my life.

When Tracy asked me to join the staff in 2020, I leaped at the chance. Now I can shine the light on Oklahoma’s incredible women and provide that same opportunity for growth that was given to me.

Allison Greco

Co-Director & Mrs. Oklahoma America 2008


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